Tourist information center who sets up the information desk at the Daiwa Roynet Hotel in front of Wakayama Castle based in Wakayama

TIC WAKAYAMA (Tourist Information Center Wakayama) is the tourist information center which Yutaka Transport runs.
We perform an action to prefecture landing type sightseeing positively, and suggest various wakayama sightseeing for domestic and foreign visitors. and foreign visitors suggest the plan of the trip so that it is gone to each sightseeing spot of Wakayama willingly In addition, not to mention a sightseeing taxi and the bus tour utilized the Know-how of the traffic company of course, we make use of various networks and produce the trip of the made-to-order sense.produce the trip of the made-to-order sense.
Regardless of inside and outside the country, please feel free to contact us.



Main service


・Visitor information of wakayama, and the other area
・Sightseeing guide (our special)
・Arrangement the trip of Japan
・The work display of the artist in Wakayama and product sale
・We offer adrink and ice cream in a cafe

TIC Wakayama Portal Site

Not a site to send simple sightseeing information to, it is community based portal site by the guidunce of the stay type itinerary and introduction of the "Wakayama Honmamon Taiken" program, web reservation, and fresh area information of the hometown, we would like to have the best memory in Wakayama for a visitor.
We are happy if useful as a guide of a visitor taking a trip to Wakayama.

「Wakayama Honmamon Taiken」

Wakayama locatecd southwest of the kii peninsula is the best area where blessings of nature and the history that was spun by people are left.
In particular, "Kumanokodo" where old people prays while walking and "Koyasan" which has long history of 1,200 years were resistered as world helitage in 2004, fascinating domestic and foreign a lot of people.
"Wakayama Honmamon Taiken" is interactive sightseeing program which can feel Wakayama's fascination.

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